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Q1.How much does it cost to hire a trailer?

You can download our current price list here to view our daily and weekly trailer hire rates.

Q2. Why is a trailer hire such a good option?

Trailer hire has many benefits to standard courier/moving/towing services. First and foremost the biggest benefit is cost; with car towing reaching prices into the hundreds, it is far more practical to pay for a trailer with prices starting as low as $55 dollars per day. Secondly, trailer hire creates freedom & convenience for when you want to pick-up and transport goods, as appose to waiting hours for a contractor to do the task for you.

Q3. What is the easiest way to move a piano?

In our experience the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to move a piano is through hiring both a fully enclosed furniture trailer, piano moving trolleys and a few furniture moving blankets for protection (all of which are available through Smart Hire).

Q4.What is the difference between a single axle and double axle trailer?

A single axle trailer, as the name implies, has one axle with a wheel connected on each end. It is attached to the trailer either via the springs or directly on to the trailer bed with clamps or supporting hardware. It weighs less and often costs less to buy. Double or tandem trailer axles, on the other hand, have two axles placed in close proximity to each other to help disperse the weight load of the cargo. These are more suitable for towing over long distances and have better suspension.

Q5.Where can I find the best car removal service in Melbourne?

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Melbourne trailer hire has multiple cars moving trailers available, and with a price of $110 for a 24 hour period it is a no brainer that any customer can move their own vehicle faster, cheaper and more conveniently by themselves

Q6. What is the cheapest way to move furniture across the state?

Hands down the cheapest way to move furniture across the state is via self-transport in a furniture moving trailer. Transportation services demand exorbitant prices for any furniture moving, which compared to the price of a trailer (which begins at $55 dollars) it's obvious that the savings can be enormous.

Q7. Does Smart Hire provide Shackles, light cables, and straps?

Yes! Every trailer provided by our company comes with the recommended 1000kg rated shackles, an assortment of light leads & adaptors. However, straps are only provided when hiring with machinery and are not included when simply hiring a trailer.

Q8. Are there any hidden costs involved when hiring a trailer from Smart Hire?

Smart Hire does take a $3 charge for providing a mandatory trailer lock (used to lock-up the trailer when not in use), as well as a deposit that is dependant on the size of the trailer being hired.

Q9. Do we provide Insurance?

No. Any/ all damages incurred during the hire period will be paid for through either a security deposit (taked at the beinging of the hire) or via the customers personal insurance.

Q10. Do we cater to interstate hire?

No. Smart Hire only allows for travel within Victoria, and have no national branches.

Q11. How can I cancel my hire booking? Are there any cancellation fees involved?

A customer may cancel their booking at any time, however, we do request that it as early as possible in order to not inconvenience the business operations.

Q12. How do I mount a trailer?

Q13. I have a question that is not answered by your FAQ. How can I get an answer?

A. Simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap!